Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturing companies create finished products from raw materials using machinery, labor, and tools, while distribution companies facilitate the movement of products and raw materials from manufacturers to end users. Presently, these industries are evolving via continuous improvement techniques such as lean six sigma, modularity, design for manufacturability/serviceability, and data-based decision making.

Crutchfield Capital enjoys substantial transactional and operational expertise in the manufacturing and distribution sectors. Our Firm has completed a significant number of these assignments, including projects in the following subsectors:

  • Building products
  • Chemicals
  • Engineered equipment
  • Industrial distribution
  • Industrial equipment
  • Metals and metal components
  • Precision manufacturing
  • Process and measurement controls
Crutchfield Capital Experience - Manufacturing and Distribution
EADS has acquired JB Systems
HCS Group has acquired Shu-Chem, Inc.
Natco has acquired Linco-Electromatic
Prospect has acquired nrg Manufacturing
ViewSonic $50,000,000 Revolving Credit Facility
RoseArt has acquired Moon Far Out Writing Fun
T.F. Hudgins Inc. has acquired Jamison Products L.P.
LB Foster has acquired Chemtec
Western International Gas & Cylinders Inc. Business Valuation
Chemcentral has acquired Southwest Solvents & Chemicals
Pump & Power Equipment Recapitalization
Delphi Display Systems $3,000,000 Preferred Stock
Sunbelt Steel Texas Inc. Recapitalization
ENGlobal has acquired Control Dynamics International
PGI has acquired DPR Incorporated
GHX $20,000,000 Recapitalization
Alick's Home Medical Business Valuation
ThermoView Acquisition Corporation has acquired THV
Nationwide Vision Laser & Eye Centers $7,000,000 Subordinated Debt with Warrants
CEI has acquired Kid Care
DWD International LTD. Majority Recapitalization
Harvard Custom Manufacturing $35,000,000 Equity Membership Units
Sci-Tech Plastics Group, LLC has acquired Golston Co
THV $2,500,000 Term A Notes $10,000,000 Term B Notes
Corella Electric Wire and Cable, Inc. $1,250,000 Revolving Credit Facility $5,000,000 Term Loan
Doedijns has acquired Logan Industries International Inc.
ISSI $3,000,000 Revolving Credit Facility $4,212,500 Term Notes
Houma Armature Works has acquired GHX Power Systems
Southern Pipe, Inc. Business Valuation
Mankwitz Kurtz Investments has acquired Claire Burke
The Eads Company
EPSCO International Business Valuation
EPSCO International has merged with EADS Fairness Option
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